Town of Spring Lake Indiana 

Photo courtesy of Brenda Short, Spring Lake


SECURITY:  As neighbors it is important that we look out for each other, should you see something that just "Doesn't seem right" in town, unusual traffic, unusual activities etc. please notify your Town Council members or send a message through the contact page so we can address it or feel free to contact the Hancock County Sherriff's department non-emergency number (317) 477-1144.

REMINDER: Spring Lake residents must have a Spring Lake fishing permit to fish as well as an Indiana fishing license. Spring Lake fishing permits are available from the Clerk Treasurer for $2.00 and must be renewed annually. Guests of Spring Lake property owners may fish on the lake with an Indiana fishing license and must be accompanied full time by the property owner. Trolling motors only allowed on the lake motorized boats must be properly licensed. Non motorized canoes, kayaks etc. must have an annual non motorized DNR sticker on the boat available from the DNR or State Park offices for $5.00  

Did you know.....

Spring Lake now has our ordinances posted online for public viewing. Ordinances cover things that may not be governed by State or County laws and pertain directly to a particular municipality.

These ordinances can be found be clicking on this link:

Visit the project website,, to view the Vision & Framework for Hancock County.

COMMUNITY BUILDINGThe community building may be rented by Spring Lake Property Owners for $40 per night. There is also a $25.00 security deposit refundable upon acceptable cleaning and damage inspection after the event.

See the Event Calendar link above for availability and contact the Clerk Treasurer for rental agreements.

Phone: (317) 840-1819