Town of Spring Lake Indiana 



​    INC. 1928

Town Council meeting minutes from - Monday, May16th, Spring Lake, Indiana – 7:00 p.m.

President, Amy Hodgkin, opened meeting.
Council members in attendance:  Amy Hodgkin, Bill Barber, Diana Johnson-C/T. Street Commissioner, Wally Althaus.
Council Member – Andy Swain – not in attendance.
Town residents in attendance:  Marion Quinlin, Darin Johnson, Emma Althaus, DavidJ Johnson, Annabelle Bambery, Byron Holden
Monday, April 18th, minutes read, approved
April claim vouchers shown for payment were approved.

Committee Report:  - Street Commissioner – Wally Althaus, Holmes Tree Care will be out to assess dead trees and trim others if necessary. Corner of Maple and Grove, met with Feeney, several concerns of utility vehicles deteriorating the corners and driving in yards. Feeney’s schedule is booked, Crim & Sons as well booked and can not get to. Recommended adding gravel to the area to widen the roadway. Diana spoke to school bus driver, Brenda McKnight – said she can make the turn – however tight. Brenda commented to Diana that the school could add gravel to the area if a concern. Wally asked that Diana get a contact number for school bus garage for more conversations to see if school would supply gravel. Trash disposal vehicles and tree trimming others identified as a concern.

Planning Commission:  - Marion Quinlin spoke for Byron Holden who arrived late, Thursday, June 2nd at the Hancock Public Library from 6 – 7:45 pm will host an opportunity for the county residents to come and review the Counties Comprehensive Plan.

Spring Lakes Men’s Club: -  Marion Quinlin, Front left entrance door, Key no longer works, may be the door mechanics. Suggested reaching out to Eric Brown to trouble shoot and/or Benny’s lock and key. The last Community Building renters left trash in bins, requesting a gentle reminder to CB renters for trash removal. New outlet installed by SLMC on west wall that had been hit by something/someone. Confirmed with Marion for the well – suggested submersible pump. Marion to reach out to Jackson & Wells for quotes.

County Steering Committee: - Pat Haley –  No current updates.

Old Business:
Dam repair – Currently tabled at this time. – Pursuing engineering resources. Wally Althaus is going to supply a quote on aluminum – idea to prevent more erosions to dam.
Guardrails for culvert – question if wood railing still available initially as Pat Haley suggested. Diana to reach out to Pat and inquiry.
Lake water quality – Aeration Process:  Water is looking good. Can see fish.
Wall in basement approved for painting. Diana to seek added quotes for the interior painting of the community building. Diana met with a painter, was to receive a quote, Diana called and text – never had a response back. Will continue seeking quotes.
Speeding concerns:  Tabled at this time
Exterior lighting – Wally suggested solar lighting that could clamp on to gutters, supplied a link for review.
Exterior signage – obtaining ideas and quotes.
Basement exterior doors in need of maintenance - Tabled currently.
Marion Quinlin supplied a quote from Redeemed Electrical for new electrical panel – confirmed installation date – Friday, May 20th.
Marion Quinlin suggested updating the pump in well in near future.

Andy Swain suggested looking at trash removal vendors for Spring Lake. Diana Johnson contacted several vendors. Diana called Fisk, CGS/Waste Management/Bestway, Republic for a trash pricing quote for the town. Fisk claims they are the cheapest and unwilling to give a price for a group because they will only bill one entity for the group. Their current rate is $20.00 a month, 1 container is $3.00 per month equaling $23.00 with no fuel charge yet. CGS/Waste Management/ Bestway - forever on hold, called back and left a number for a 10-minute robo call back that I never received. Republic - $21.80 per month including a fuel charge. They too were not wanting to lock in a price for trash removal quote due to not having an HOA forcing everyone to use the same company where everyone pays the HOA, and the HOA pays the bill. What happens, residents will quit the service or switch vendors and there is no control on service consistency. Republic even with fuel charge seems the cheapest.

Diana Johnson suggested gravel or reflectors at Maple & Grove. School or Trash trucks driving off road and eroding resident’s yards. Wally Althaus met with V.Feeney for recommendations.

New Business:
David J Johnson – suggested Community togetherness such as a Spring Lake farmers market from the town residents from the personal gardens. Suggest a fishing contest,

With other ideas for community gatherings.

Diana suggested the National Road garage sale is coming up. Volunteered to be available if there was an interest from the Town’s residents to have a table at the community building.
Complaints from residents about dead fish and other items being dumped behind dam in spill well – suggested implementing a fine for those who continue.

Closing Statement:

No other business presented to council. Next town council meeting scheduled for, Monday, June 20th, 2022, 7:00 p.m. Council President, Amy Hodgkin motioned to adjourn meeting.